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       A Special Message from Phil Knoerzer, Artistic Coordinator

& All the Brainstormers



Hello, Brainstormers Audiences!


        After a long break owing to the COVID-19 virus, the Brainstormers are back!   And, if safety protocols are in place, we’re scheduling programs.  Our programs on about two dozen topics of interest are designed to engage audiences intellectually in an entertaining way. Although there is no charge for any of them, free-will donations are gratefully accepted.  


       At this time we are booking for the 2024. Since our schedule fills up quickly, we encourage you to book early. An extensive list of references is available if you’d like one.


      We very much look forward to hearing from you. YOU are the reason we do this.

Contact Scheduling coordinator Betty Accordino at or 716-713-0834 with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and support! Be Well!   




Be Entertained

and Informed


Here’s a novel program idea for your group of seniors that will engage them intellectually in an entertaining way.  And it’s free!


The Brainstormers are a group of “seasoned” actors who volunteer their time and talent in creating and performing well-rehearsed staged readings of vignettes that dramatize for senior citizens issues of concern to them and for general audiences a variety of moral dilemmas.


Immediately after each staged reading, the actors engage audience members in a discussion of the issue or dilemma dramatized in a way that encourages them to share their thinking with each other.  The program as a whole can last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes.


Since its founding as the AARP Players in 2006, the Brainstormers have presented well over 100 programs to senior groups and a number of church-related adult groups as well as one service club – several of these groups more than once and a few several times.



"What impressed me the most was the skill with which the actors engaged the audience in performance and discussion of issues addressed in the play. The troupe's sensitivity, warmth, and good humor enabled lively, open and honest conversation."

                                                               Margaret Gordon, Spiritual Life Committee Chair
                                                                                             Westminster Presbyterian Church

"Theatre goes gray and it gets more exciting! Kudos to the “seasoned” actors and writers, who uplift the senior set with life affirming tragicomedy! A Brainstormers performance provides welcome segue to thought provoking discussions and
enlightenment around the topic of growing older.  Bravo Brainstormers!”

                                                                                 The Baptist Manor Writers Collective










The Brainstormers Company

You may recognize some of the members of the Brainstormers and may have seen some of them on Buffalo's professional theatre stages over the years


"We love giving back.

We love to inspire conversation through theatre.

We love acting without having to memorize, and we love making a difference."


Jess Abel

Betty Accordino

Susan Anner

Patricia Armstrong

Diane Cammarata

Margo Davis

Nancy Doherty





Keith Elkins

John Fantini

Anna Kay France

Janice E. Franke

Kelly Gantt

Anne Gayley

Camille Greco

Phil Knoerzer

Meghan Krank

Ian LaLonde

Lisa Ludwig

Sue Marom

Mary Moebius

Darlene Pickering-Hummert

Chuck Pierson

Will Siener

Kathleen Shoemaker

Linda Stein

Barbara Van Wyck

We fondly remember the late Joan Calkin, Charlotte Grantham, Diane Gaidry, Paul O'Hern, and  Tess Spengler

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